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Using SQLite with NHibernate on 64 bit Windows

17 Mar 2010

If you encounter an exception like this when initializing the ISessionFactory under FluentNHibernate with a 64 bit version of Windows

NHibernate.HibernateException: The IDbCommand and IDbConnection implementation in the assembly System.Data.SQLite could not be found. Ensure that the assembly System.Data.SQLite is located in the application directory or in the Global Assembly Cache. If the assembly is in the GAC, use <qualifyAssembly/> element in the application configuration file to specify the full name of the assembly.

Then you should probably ensure that the project is compiled for “x86” instead of “Any” in the project properties dialog.


04 May 2009

Who the hell can read this sh*t?

public void LoopThroughAllTypesAndRegisterForOpenGenericsOfType(Type openGenericInterface)


Type closedGenericInterfaceWithParameters = openGenericInterfaceType.MakeGenericType(closedGenericInterfaceWithoutParamerters.GetGenericArguments());

From the source code to CodeCampServer specifically from /trunk/src/Infrastructure/DependencyRegistry.cs. Please also note the typing error in the second declaration.

Is this what we get for relying on keyword completion (Intellisense) too much these days?

0.00098% of capacity used

20 Apr 2009

I don’t know if Sampo Pankki are trying the wrong way to become “paperless”. They today sent us identification information for their online banking interface on a CD. It contained a single .html file with a single line of text containing the codes. The file was 674 bytes.

Bruce Schneier knows Alice and Bob’s shared secret.

18 Dec 2008

Bruce Schneier knows Alice and Bob’s shared secret.
Bruce Schneier Facts (for us crypto-freaks)

Listing images for Huuto.net (Greasemonkey)

27 Nov 2008

Listing images for Huuto.net (Greasemonkey)

So I had to try making a Greasemonkey script, to meet the challenge presented earlier. Working with Greasemonkey was extremely easy and a thoroughly pleasant experience, I simply love how slick and unobtrusive the plugin is.

The script will automatically detect that you are viewing a category listing on Huuto.net. It will then fetch images for each item by requesting the detailed page and extracting the full image link. It will also make the image clickable so that you can simply click the image to view the larger image.

Now there are naturally moral implications to this little hack, Huuto charges the bidder for the extra exposure the image will give them in the listing and the site is hit quite a number of requests when compiling the list . But given how extremely underdeveloped and forgotten the site is, I dont feel too bad - they need the wakeup call!

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