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I can't stand languages that use '_' characters!

04 Nov 2008

This is one of my pet peeves. Language with prolific use of the underscore character. I have many times looked at Ruby to see what all the fuss is about and never gotten past all those damn underscores. I will never use a language that relies on underscore as a word boundary.

Underscore is not a space, it doesn’t look like a space so why bother trying? Instead it breaks logical units such as variable names or function names into units that may or may not belong together. By skimming I cant tell if that is a . (dot) deference or just a pseudo word boundary. Further more it slows down typing because you have to move your fingers way out of the normal flow.

Camelcasing is tried, tested and found divine, stop messing with it.

This latest rant was brought on by the JSSpec framework for unit testing in Javascript, which I am considering forking because of the underscores.

Next week, possibly a rant on the curly bracket character, and why it is impossible to type reliably on scandinavian keyboards. Stop using it too!