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6 reasons I chose MooTools as my javascript framework

22 Oct 2008

Keeping the Magpie Developer in mind, I have decided to adopt a javascript framework. After mature deliberation I decided on MooTools, here are my reasonings:

  1. It’s in active development
  2. It lets me maintain references to the real DOM elements, unlike JQuery.
  3. I can call into the library when I need it, no need to ask it not to clutter the namespace (MochiKit) with hundreds of functions.
  4. I generally build my DOM from javascript (progressive enhancement) and so I already have references to the elements that I need. I dont need a query language (JQuery) to find my elements.
  5. I am not looking to add glitz to my sites with a few lines of code .
  6. I don’t think Javascript needs to “suck less” (MochiKit).

I should note that this is by no means final, hell I was half way writing this about PrototypeJS before I dug deeper into MooTools and found it excellent.